February 2010

The Sony Bravia KDL-46V3000 46 “1080p LCD HDTV is an elegant look with its piano black frame must be fixed. The black surface is reflective, but not disturbing bright as a mirror, as long as you do not jump in front of a light source . This is a serious research LCD HDTV with black finish and anti-glare screen. he sees not only aesthetically beautiful, but it sounds impressive, where it matters more than image. The image, like the Sony Bravia V2500 models, looks great. No annoying reflections, your viewing experience and fogging that some of the owner is hit with the model V2500 ruins of the hotel. If any, you need luck. The Sony Bravia KDL-46V3000 1080p LCD HDTV has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and high-end models 120Hz, motion blur is not as smooth as the more expensive sets. This does not mean it is blurry. It’s still fairly smooth during fast action sequences and you probably will not be able to say, however, when playing HD content. The Sony Bravia KDL-46V3000 1080p LCD HDTV up scales 480i standard definition content with its Reality Creation Multi-Function v1. 0-technology and you can see that it really helps to make SD stuff less terrible than it would be. This simply means the application programming interface standard is good, but not where you are with a CRT, but not as bad as many other LCD TVs. The black and contrast is different from what is expected of a good LCD. The colors are rich and images to life better than other HDTVs LCD. Side by side with the Samsung or Sharp, Sony looked better. In fact, it can even with some plasma televisions on hand to compete. Then, switch to normal mode and not use the Vivid mode and adjust some adjustments from there to meet your needs and the image is almost perfect. Tip: Sharpen the image and increasing black. Configure the settings in the Sony Bravia KDL-46V3000 1080p LCD HDTV is a snap with the highly respected XMB menu, which even in the PS3. Speaking of the PS3, watching Blu-ray on the KDL-46V3000 is simply breathtaking. If you do not have a PS3 or a Blu-Ray, you must if you are getting an HDTV. The HD DVD is dead. The Sony Bravia KDL-46V3000 1080p LCD HDTV PIP or not in the picture, but it will take on P & P or the image and the image. You can take video input from two sources simultaneously, but only HDMI, TV tuner and video on the left side of the TV and components to the right. That means no HDMI and HDMI observed simultaneously. This is not a deal breaker, since the image quality is up there. The sound quality is good, you should not invest in a home theater with surround sound, but lacks a little attention to the bass. It is much better than many LCD panels considering the size of a piano black frame. I recommend the Sony Bravia KDL-46V3000 1080p LCD HDTV if you do not want to spend a few extra Ben Franklins on the XBR4 and you do not want the older but still excellent KDL-46V2500. You can not go wrong with this election and it is one of the best beats for the dollar.


Customer barbie pink dream townhouse  Reviews
The Perfect Barbie Dream House
The best deal for barbie pink dream townhouse is on Amazon, as shipping was free and no tax! It arrived super quick even with super saver shipping, and with nothing broken amazingly enough because it was simply shipped in the house’s actual box and not put inside another shipping box–so beware if you are buying this as a surprise gift maybe ship it to a friend’s house or work as your child will know what’s inside!

The lights and sound work great–although I had to put the batteries in and out twice to get the sounds to work, not sure why. Another customer was right, the elevator is the trickest part to put together–but I discovered that I was trying the to fit the top clip in the opposite way, oopsy. Once I fixed that, it only took me another minute to clip in. I was reading some reviews on another toy website, and people were having trouble getting the fireplace to work–I did too until I realized that it was shipped with the fireplace not completely snapped into the back wall. As soon as I pushed the fireplace back into its clips on the back wall, it worked great! I am so excited about this doll house. It will make a great display for my collector dolls. The only problem I see is how in the world I am going to move this house if I move someplace else as it’s extremely huge and doesn’t look like it can easily be taken apart. It might be a one time assembly, but not sure yet.

It really is the best barbie pink dream townhouse I have ever owned, and I owned plenty as a kid–wish they had this when I was growing up–although I don’t know if my parents would have sprung for it! However, I think it’s worth the high price tag if your little one is a huge Barbie fan! Get this house today while you can! I think that once it hits the store shelves this Christmas, it will go fast and be a hard item to find!! Must have toy for Barbie girls this Christmas for sure!

Worth the money
I purchased this to give to my daughter for her birthday. The house is huge. It was quite simple to assemble. The hardest part and what took the longest was the elevator. I had a hard time getting this little plastic piece to snap into the top to make the elevator go up and down. I think I worked on the elevator for at least a half hour. That was almost as long as it took me to assemble the rest of the house and apply the stickers. It is sturdy and will hold up to hours of playing I am sure. The lights over the hot tub came with batteries. I will still need to buy some AA to make the rest of the lights and sound work. This is quite similar to the Barbie dream house I remember a friend of mine having in the 70’s. I think it’s a good value for the money and quite fun. I wish I had gotten to play with this growing up. I look forward to playing with it and my daugther.

Great house, with modernized accessories
We bought this for our 7 year old daughter this summer and it is still working great. She loves this doll house! We also still have my original 1975 Barbie Townhouse (3 story), and it sits right next to this one. My daughter has been using the 1970’s house since she was 4. I’m not sure the new one would have stood up to the usage of a 4 year old. It requires gentler usage than the old style.

We actually like the way elevator on the old townhouse is moved better, but this one is okay. However, the placement of the elevator on the new one is in a better spot. It doesn’t break up the rooms like the old one did. There is a little stand in the elevator to help hold up the dolls, but it’s really not needed and makes it harder to use.

We have had some trouble with the lamp. It is easy to put in, and easy to knock off with a Barbie head. Not a big deal. Also, would have been nice if the roof of the top level was solid and not lattice type. She can’t set anything on top, it all falls through.

The shower was a big hit, not sure why. It just plays a short recording of Barbie singing in the shower. The kitchen chairs are a little flimsy, hard to make them stay upright when the dolls try to sit. But really, none of the Barbie furniture is that great.

The door is hard to use when the elevator is on the ground floor. Not a big deal, just move the elevator. Still, props for adding the door with doorbell. That was also a big hit. The actual kitchen accessories are great, instead of just background pictures.

Assembly was pretty simple – so were the instructions. So, if you need more than just little pictures you’re going to be in trouble. But really, you can almost figure it out just by looking at the picture on the box.

This house does feel flimsier than the old townhouse. I doubt it will last until my daughter has her own children like my house did. The plastic doesn’t seem like it will hold up that long, like the old particle board house. Still, it was a good buy and my daughter really loves it.

Customer Review Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator (AED) Reviews

philips heartstart home defibrillator (aed)  are the Best Product of its Kind On the MarketI have taught CPR for almost 35 years and currently head up an American Heart Association Training Center. My instructors have had access to the top 4 AED trainers for over 5 years, but every one of them prefers to use the Philips Medical Heartstart. The other trainers gather dust. The Philips line of AEDs began as HeartStream in the late 1990s and were the first on the market with FDA-approved biphasic (2 directional) shocks, first to put AEDs on airplanes (American Airlines), first with FDA-approved Pediatric Pads,the first and currently only AED officially approved by the American Dental Association, and the first to be able to be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. And considering that just a few years ago, AEDs cost almost $5000, the price makes it a steal! If you have a loved one in your home with a heart condition, this is the device for you! Be aware that no device guarantees success, and this machine will not help a heart attack, but it is the best chance for someone who experiences a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (complete heart stoppage). But if you buy it, please also take the time to get trained in its use by attending a HeartSaver AED training course – use of an AED is only 1 of 4 links in the AHA “Chain of Survival”. You can find a course near you by going on the American Heart Association Webpage and locating a Training Center or Training Site near you, or call Philips Customer Service.

Worth Considering of philips heartstart home defibrillator (aed)
I was employed by a major airline as a flight attendant. Our company was one of the first to madate AED’s onboard. Because of my experience, I would recommend this product, but ONLY if you are in a risk group. The key to survivablility of a cardiac arrest is the response time to medical treatment.
An AED can close the gap between the incident and the arrival of professional medical assistance. Minutes of delay can mean death or brain damage.

This was my experience with an AED. A passenger suffered what appeared to be a cardiac arrest. There were no professional medical personnel onboard other than the well trained flight crew. For those that think that flight attendants are onboard to serve coctails and peanuts, think again.

The beauty of the AED is the precision method of monitoring the patient’s vital signs, then advising proper steps. This helps to alleviate human error in administering first aid. After assessing the vital signs of the patient manually, we hooked him up to the AED. The system advised a shock. One was administered, which restored some heart rhythm. We were able to continue artificial respiration until the aircraft landed and medical personnel arrived. The passenger, while he did not regain consciousness onboard, did recover from his cardiac arrest.

The timeframe of surviving a cardiac arrest is measured in just a few minutes. The AED offers a helping hand in a crucial situation. If you are in a risk group, I’d recommend this product.

Impressive web support for Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator (AED)

Since my husband’s family has a history of heart disease, I thought I would look into getting one of these. In researching the topic at the Consumer Reports website, I found that they reported that the resuscitation rate nationally is 2 to 5%. With a Home Defibrillator, the rate jumps to 40 to 50%.

In researching further, I found that the Phillips is the only Home Defibrillator available to buy without a prescription. The website for this product, http://www.heartstarthome.com, has a wealth of information. They offer assistance in finding out if insurance or Medicare will cover some of the cost of this product.

The American Heart Association states that 340,000 people in the U.S. die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) each year. St. Jude Medical Center website (sjm.com) lists the risk factors for SCA, although SCA can occur without any risk factors:

Heart attack
Heart failure
Heart surgery
Coronary artery disease
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Cigarette smoking
Drug or alcohol abuse
Excess weight
High fat diet
Sedentary lifestyle
Certain medications (over-the-counter and prescriptions, including decongestants, diet and herbal supplements)
Family history of arrhythmia or sudden cardiac arrest
Congenital heart disorders (heart problems present at birth, usually involving the heart’s chambers or valves)
Advancing age

I was very impressed with the amount of on-line support at http://www.heartstarthome.com, including a video and a demo. The demo shows exactly how the product works. It removed all doubt about whether I would be able to use this product. (Obviously, taking the American Heart Association class is highly advisable!) Thanks, Philips.